Dunham Tech Knows Support

Dunham Tech has worked on every aspect of Information Technology services, from imaging to databases, to data center design and implementation, web site hosting, design and deployment, and network design.

Dunham Tech supports many software applications. With experience in installing, setting up, and maintaining accounting systems, mortgage systems, point of sales systems, general office productivity systems, Dunham Tech has the foundation to assist your company.

In addition we have extensive knowledge of Cloud Based services.

Industry Experience

Since 2006 Dunham Tech has branched out across many industries.

From Publicly Traded to Non-Profit

We have current customers in industries with complex compliance requirements.  ex. Mortgage, Health Care, and SOX

24/7/365 Support

We are always available to assist you regardless of the day or time

Same Hourly Rate

We make every attempt to perform all changes afterhours and on weekends to avoid any downtime.

Managed Services

Dunham Tech offers fixed cost maintenance for mission critical systems

For Clients Requiring 99.9% Up-Time

Managed Online Backup and Recovery, Proactive Server and Desktop maintenance and service, Network Monitoring and Firewall Support

Highlights of Software Currently Supported

Accounting / ERP Software:
Quickbooks, MAS90, MAS 200, Dynamics, PeachTree

Mortgage Software:
Point, Encompass

Office Productivity Software:
Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, StarOffice (now called Oracle Open Office), Google Apps, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project

Content Management Frameworks:
Microsoft SharePoint, DotNetNuke, WordPress

Database Back-ends:
Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, Sybase, Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Access, Filemaker Pro Server

Imaging/Document Mangement Solutions:
Onbase by Hyland Software, Various Re-branded Copy Company Imaging Solutions

Operating System Software:
Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Various Versions of Unix/Linux (FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Irix, SunOS, HP-UX, etc)

Server Software:
Microsoft Windows Server, IBM OS400, VMS running on DEC Alpha, Linux

Virtualization Software:
VMWare, Microsoft Virtual Machine, Hyper-V

Graphics/Design/Desktop Publishing Software:
Adobe Creative Suite, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Acrobat

Programming Environments:
Microsoft Visual Studio, NetBeans, DreamWeaver, CoffeeCup

Programming Languages:
C, C++, C#, Perl, Visual Basic, Pascal, Fortran, PHP

Case Management (legal):

Recent Projects

 A California based Mortgage Broker needed an easy way for their sales people to receive confidential and potentially large loan documents.

We implemented an secure online file sharing system where each loan officer has their own web page for receiving these loan documents.  Borrower are able to easily drag and drop their files onto the web page and they are uploaded and securely sent to their loan officer.  No software to install and extremely easy for all parties involved.

In today’s computer environment it’s critical for businesses to transmit confidential information securely.  In the case of the mortgage industry this is a requirement for doing business.

 Often the cost of opening a new office space can be expensive.  For small office’s an office to office VPN can often be the perfect solution to connect remote employees to systems in a corporate office.

Using a private fiber circuit from an ISP we implemented a site to site Virtual Private Network to accomplish this requirement.  Both VoIP telphones and desktop computers are able to communicate as if they were located in the corporate office.  Completely secure with dedicated bandwidth and Quality of Service implemented on both ends of the router.

 Implemented a Voice Over IP Phone system for a 4 location business.

VoIP can be a highly cost effective solution for businesses of all size.  Using the internet instead of traditional telephone lines, you can eliminate large telephone bills.  As with most IT systems, proper implementation is critical for success.

Failing to properly prioritize network traffic can result in a terrible quality experience.  Dropped and choppy calls can be quite common if Quality of Service is not properly implemented on your network firewalls.  Or alternatively setup with it’s own dedicated circuit.

 A pharmaceutical client needed a high quality website developed quickly and affordable.

Using WordPress and a purchased Theme, we setup a professional website with a responsive design.  Today it’s critical that your website can be displayed properly on a mobile device such as your phone or tablet.  Websites that are not responsive, ie change their layout depending on the screen size, will be penalized by google’s search algorithm.

WordPress allows for very cost effective hosting and development.  A professional website can be produced for under $1,000.

A client with multiple failing servers needed to migrate to new server hardware in the most cost effective manner possible, with a minimal of downtime.

Using VMWare virtualization technology we were able to convert 5 physical servers down to 2 physical servers.  Where they had no redundant hardware previously, there is now an entire additional server setup as a backup in the event of a failure.  Downtime was kept to a minimum and the effect to staff was non-existent.

A customer with an aging Windows Small Business Server needed to migrate their email system to a new environment.

After crunching the numbers it was determined that the most cost effective method was to outsource their email to a cloud provider. We chose Office365 for this specific client, although we have migrated numerous clients to Google G-Suite (prev. Google Apps).

Utilizing Office365’s migration technology, we were able to transfer all of the clients historical emails and switch to the new email provider in a seamless fashion.

A new client recently lost a large portion of data after a power related server failure.  With internet and cloud storage at an all time affordable rate, we decided to move them to an online backup solution.

Using Carbonite, we are able to backup all of the clients files operations files.  Carbonite allows for real-time backup of files.  In addition, it also stores multiple versions of your files so in the event that they are damaged you can roll back time and get a functional copy.

This specific client had large amounts of old data for past customers.  For this data, we archived to Amazon Web Services Glacier backup.  For just dollars a month, this client was able to archive years worth of old customer data.